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  • Top 5 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2023 – Earn Money ($2700+)

Top 5 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2023 – Earn Money ($2700+)

highest paying best web hosting affiliate program

You can earn money through internet marketing by joining top-paying hosting affiliate programs and you can easily get residual income.

for just a Single Referral Click…!!!

Do you know how the best Program works?

How to earn thousands of dollars by referring to the highest paying web hosting affiliate service?

We are Here to Help You…!!!

Needs to take lots of effort and time to get profit. It is not easy to do. If it is easy, everybody will do it. So I would like to share some best website platforms for affiliate marketing to get huge commissions by promoting them.

Overview of this Write-Up:

For sure everyone has confusion about how web hosting affiliates platforms are useful for your profit growth. Your answer lies here:

  • It is a very proficient and simple way to earn money quickly without any responsibility towards anyone.
  • Not necessary to spend any expenses on technical infrastructure.
  •  Money minting affair with no pressure and good commission rate.

Being accessible online is crucial for any business. It is an unavoidable truth of the internet.  This makes the market the most lucrative area to step forward into it. So below are the best choices of hosting brands for bloggers or content writers where they can get a nice profit.

Just consider some factors like pricing, reliability, quality of the host, and conversion ratio while selecting the top web hosting affiliate programs through which you can get the residual income.

No. Company Name Short Introduction Rating Visit
1 DomainRacer Start Earning Money Upto 70% Sale
best 5 star rating domainracer 2018
Earn 70% Profit
2 BlueHost The Total Conversion Ratio is 0.6%
best 4 star rating inmotion 2018
Earning Profit
3 A2Hosting Hosting Cost Starts at $3.92/month
bigrock star rating in india
Earning Profit
4 InMotion Low-Conversion Ratio statistics
best 4 star rating a2hosting
Earning Profit
5 SiteGround Low-Conversion Customer Ratio
star rating hostgator 2019
Earning Profit

Nowadays, many hosting providers focus on their services, that’s why they allow affiliates to help them in extending their marketing reach. So why not join this process to earn recurring or passive income.

Tips to Earn Huge Commission by Promoting Affiliate

You will definitely get success by following these few important tricks in affiliate marketing:

  • Focus on Targeted Visitors: 

Affiliate sale is not possible without traffic. It is necessary to bring the targeted visitor who is interested in the products that you are promoting. So keep your focus on creating great content to attract potential customers. Make proper use of relevant keywords and quality links to get more search traffic.

  • Offer Best Incentives:

Try some freebies or other incentives to grab the attention of users. That forces them to use your affiliate links instead of your competitors. This is the easiest way to convince new visitors to your site to buy your affiliate products. And you can earn commission from it.

highest paying web hosting affiliate program commission

  • Write Transparent Information:

Write in-detailed information while promoting affiliate products. I advised you to don’t do affiliate marketing just for getting money. Transparency and honesty are key to a successful marketer. To advertise only those products that you personally are satisfied with.

  • Create a Sales Funnel- Works Effectively:

It helps to notify you if someone visits your blog or site. Then it is very easy to track those visitors and send more information about affiliate products or services through emails. This process turns to boosts your affiliate sales.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs [#5 Reviews]

Each and every web hosting company runs its affiliate programs, with unique terms and conditions. Also with different commission rates and bonus credits. Here are our top picks that you should consider. 

1] DomainRacer:- Start Earning Money Upto 70% Sale

It is one of best Non-EIG hosting company which provides best web affiliate program.

It is the most popular choice among bloggers and website owners as it offers really an excellent commission for their services promoters

top paying hosting affiliate programs

DomainRacer provides qualitative hosting to your audiences and you can earn up to 70% commission per sale. One of the advantages of doing affiliate marketing of DomainRacer is, as it is the reliable hosting provider starting at $11/year.

DomainRacer Web Hosting Affiliate Program Residual Income Commissions:

  • First, from 1-10 Qualified Customers, You earn 30% for each.
  • Secondly, from 10-20 Qualified Customers, You earn 40% for each.
  • Third, from 21-50 Qualified Customers, You earn 50% for each.
  • Lastly, from 51+ Qualified Customers, You earn 70% for each.

DomainRacer’s offers unlimited earning without any high and low stoppage on getting a commission.  

With full features and quality so many users buy this hosting and with the help of this, you can earn more commission than another affiliate hosting.

“Earn More Profits in Less Effort”

The conversion rate of DomainRacer is 13.11% i.e., much better than other affiliate programs. 

Let’s have an example, if you have many sites and if you get the 1000 clicks per month, as its conversion rate is 7-10% so you will get a minimum 180 signup. So according to that, you will get approximately a total commission of $400 – $2700.

So, you can easily choose DomainRacer for affiliate marketing and earn extra revenue.

DomainRacer most generous highest paying web hosting affiliate program. It is well known for offering high conversion rates through its Affiliate web hosting network. Connect with DomainRacer Today!

recurring commission affiliate programs

Moreover, It allows you to connect directly with their expert affiliate managers. They will assist you in account setup, best tracking insights, and personalized advice on increasing your affiliate commission. You can also get in touch with them via email, phone calls, live chat, what’s app chat, and tickets.


Total Commission: 70%

If you like to start affiliate marketing of DomainRacer then click on the link given below.

Join DomainRacer Affiliate Programs

2] BlueHost

BlueHost is very popular for WordPress bloggers and has better quality. BlueHost offers a commission of $65 for each referral that is really good. But if we consider the conversion ratio of BlueHost then it’s hard. For 3000 clicks you will get the 18 signup that means the total conversion ratio is 0.6% only.

top recurring residual income affiliate programs

At Bluehost, affiliate marketers have not to worry about creatives for their advertisements. As they provide attractive banners which you can use on your blog or website for promotion. 

BlueHost offers a commission only for valid hosting purchases. There are no other additional commissions for adding resources or hosting renewals.

BlueHost web hosting affiliate service commissions.

  • Bluehost offers you a fixed $ 65 per sale to refer to.
  • Bluehost pays its affiliates between the 30th days of the month.
  • Bluehost will pay its affiliate payments are processed via PayPal account only.

Website URL:

Total Commission: $65

If you are newbie then it’s difficult to promote BlueHost. So, as an alternative to BlueHost, you can choose DomainRacer as its conversion ratio is 10-14% so you can earn more commission.

Join BlueHost Affiliate Program

3] A2Hosting

This is one of the top residual income affiliate programs and its web hosting cost starts at $3.92/month. A2Hosting offers a commission of $85+ for each sale of its web hosting. For beginner purposes, it’s good to start affiliate marketing of A2Hosting.

a2 hosting web hosting affiliate program

A2 Hosting is one of the best web hosting companies. You will get a decent amount of commission for referring to your audience.

A2 Hosting cheap web hosting affiliate website commissions.

  • A2 Hosting offers you fixed $85 per sale
  • Responsive affiliate program management
  • Easy-To-Use affiliate pro control panel
  • Performance-based commission structure

Additionally, A2 hosting has a cookie policy of 90 days which is pretty enough duration. They also offer some promotional material and banners to attract the user.

Website URL:

Total Commission: $85

Join A2Hosting Affiliate Programs

4] InMotion

To start affiliate marketing with a web hosting business,  InMotion hosting is a good choice for a web hosting service. To start a web hosting business, InMotion hosting is a good choice among all the top web hosting affiliates. InMotion web hosting services are starting at $2.95/month and its affiliate payout $50+ for each successful sign-up.

make money with hosting affiliate programs

Before choosing the affiliate program just check out the conversion ratio so, you will understand which affiliate marketing is beneficial among all these top affiliate hostings.

InMotion website design company affiliate program offers very good commission structures, so you can earn more money.

All InMotion top web hosting affiliate programs in India, and UK services, the payment will be sent via PayPal.

InMotion best website hosting for affiliate marketers’ commissions.

  • You can earn $50 for qualified sales per month.
  • Generous partner affiliate program.
  • Highest Paying affiliate program.
  • Amazing sale tracking application.
  • Monthly payout structures system.

Website URL:

Total Commission: $50

Join InMotion Affiliate programs

If you have look at the comparison between InMotion and DomainRacer then you will find the conversion ratio of DomainRacer is higher than InMotion.

5] DomainRacer

For each successful referral, you will get the $50+ and it has a nice reputation in case of payment. But if you compare the conversion rate of SiteGround with DomainRacer then the conversion ratio is a little bit less.

top paying hosting affiliate programs

DomainRacer is a cheap web hosting affiliate program in India. It is a wealthy platform for affiliate marketers to earn more generous money and commission.

DomainRacer web hosting affiliate residual income commissions.

  • Earn $ 50 per month for every referrals deal.
  • Get access to promotional banners and material.
  • Released every week’s payment structures.
  • The best platform to make money web hosting affiliate

Website URL:

Total Commission: $50

So, think before choosing an Affiliate hosting company.

Join DomainRacer Affiliate Programs

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Simply says, affiliate marketing allows you to make money from your business. The highest paying affiliate programs are on top in the market. Many bloggers earn extremely well on writing topics like web hosting and marketing. By doing promotion of their web hosting services on their website. But it not simple as that it depends on how many audiences you are able to attract

Important Note: While doing affiliate marketing recommend only those web hosts that are well known with their offerings. If you’re not confident then you should not go to promote it.

How Does a Merchant Determine if a Visitor Clicks From my Link?

When at the starting time to join as an affiliate marketer, I was very bewildered about the affiliate to earn a program.

However, as start including an affiliate link to articles and content, as I learned too much…

Every affiliate link, I posted on my articles and content included my affiliate ID and the merchant ID website URL.

When the visitors and audience click on the affiliate link, the merchant site records it as a visitor coming from my website articles.

With the help of Internet cookies, the web monitors sales with my ID number and adds a payment to my account. Whenever I move the minimum payout amount, I can withdraw it.

Benefits to Join Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  • With very little effort, you can get maximum earning potential.
  • Sing up with the free and quick registration process.
  • You do not require any expertise mechanisms for web hosting affiliate program.
  • Very low risk of earning additional revenue.
  • Excellent merchant support regarding ads updates and promotions.
  • The best platform to generate passive income.

Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Programs to Increases Sale

There are lots of ways to promote your business through WordPress hosting affiliate programs. The first is, by writing a blog post with a link to the web hosting service. Secondly, you can display hosting providers’ banners on your website or blog. 

Basically, all Affiliate Programs provide their promotional creatives like banners and images. So you can use them on your website for their promotion. You can insist your visitors choose their hosting services by the best discount offers or coupon codes.

When the visitors go through your website, check your recommendations by clicking on it and turning in customers by purchasing a website hosting service. You will get the commission. 

way to promote affiliate program

[1]. Resources Page: You can create source pages on your website. It is a good place to promote web hosting affiliate services you recommend.

[2]. Blog Writing: To promote web hosting with the affiliate development system. The “blog post” is the best way to receive high traffics and to attract more visitors and audiences faster.

[3]. Service Review: Write a review of their affiliate service to share more about it with your audience.

[4]. Banner link: Create a “banner image” and place some text links, it will increase visibility.

Always refer to those products or services, which give more value for money and best standards.

Earn Highest Income by DomainRacer Affiliate Program

DomainRacer is the best solution for a flexible commission structure. And also enable you to choose between a performance-based commission (Slab) or a more passive income.

It’s qualitative hosting where you can get a significant return on your efforts. Here you have a good chance to earn up to 70% commission per sale.domainracer simple commission structure

The benefits of doing affiliate marketing of DomainRacer is, as it is the cheapest web hosting provider starting at $11/year, with qualitative unlimited features. So most of the users prefer to buy this hosting from DomainRacer, where they can easily increase their revenue by joining hands with DomainRacer’s high-paying affiliate program.

The conversion rate of DomainRacer is 10-14% i.e., much better than other top-paying hosting affiliate programs. It also provides you the bonus $200+ and you can check the proofs of DomainRacer Affiliate programs.

So, you can easily choose DomainRacer for affiliate marketing and earn extra revenue.

Join DomainRacer Affiliate Programs

Which Web Hosting Affiliate Program is the Best for Pay Highest Referral?

Above all is the profitable shared hosting affiliate program of 2021. And from these entire wealthy affiliate hosting programs choose the best hosting affiliate who provides a high commission affiliate.

I would like to recommend that DomainRacer is one of the best web hosting affiliate programs and you can earn recurring lifetime commission by choosing DomainRacer.

Make sure that you are choosing trustworthy and the easiest affiliate marketing programs and earn a recurring income. Because all affiliate hosting companies are not trustworthy.

Here I’m sharing one proof with you so that you will not hitch in an affiliate program like this.

top residual affiliate income programs

Some Other FAQ On Recurring Hosting Affiliate Program

1. Which Web Hosting Affiliate Program is the Best?

From the above list, you can choose any one start promoting any of them on the basis of your target audience to earn a huge profit. But I strongly recommend you to DomainRacer and BlueHost

2. How do Affiliate Marketers Make Money for Beginners?

I suggest for beginners that start with a blog,  choose a niche, sign up with a reliable web host and domain registered. After getting some traffic, start promoting affiliate products relevant to your niche and make money from it.

3. How to Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing?

Once signing up with the best web hosting for affiliate marketing, start promoting their services or products over the internet and earn much more profit through 

  • Blog writing,
  • Using their promotional banner.
  • Engage with more people through social media. 

Final Thoughts:

In today’s digital world, the Web hosting industry is growing rapidly. And there are millions of commissions in web hosting industry. Then why not join a top web hosting affiliate program to earn more profits

Hope this article helps you to choose the best web hosting affiliate program among all providers. I am pretty sure that it will help to prefer a suitable affiliate program like DomainRacer and BlueHost that boosts your industrial growth in real-time.