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Best SiteGround Alternatives Free in 2021 (Number #1 Best For WordPress)

siteground alternative wordress

Looking for Best SiteGround alternatives – What’s wrong with them?

SiteGround is not something new as a hosting provider. They provide all quality services at a cheap price. But nowadays many people are looking for the best SiteGround alternatives and similar sites.

Best WordPress Alternatives to SiteGround list which will give you better features with affordable pricing:

The reason behind looking for Free SiteGround WordPress alternatives is as follows:

  • High Renewal Plans

SiteGround having high renewal plans which are almost 3 times more than the starting price which is not affordable for small businesses.

  • CPU executions/sec

SiteGround CPU seconds define the limit such as visitors that your website can handle per month.

On passing the assigned limits, your account will be suppressed for that. When your website grows big, you need to upgrade due to limited CPU executions/sec.

  • Poor Security

SiteGround does not include security features in its plan and for that, you would have to choose minimum 12-month plans.

Why SiteGround Alternatives – Reasons for the Basic of Real Data:

Here exactly I cover and provide you a list of Free SiteGround alternatives.

#1. Why DomainRacer

siteground hosting alternatives options

DomainRacer has an alternative to SiteGound great quality services with affordable costing. They having different types of web hosting services such as shared, dedicated, WordPress, Linux hosting.

Their basic plans start with 0.99$/m. and includes all needed features to host your websites.

DomainRacer provides web hosting services globally which are reliable, secure and cheapest in the cost. They having their datacentre location in different countries such as India, US, UK, Canada, Singapore, France and Germany etc.

 They provide some prominent features which as follows:

 Reason 1 – High Uptime and Performance:

  • 99.99% uptime server – DomainRacer offers 99.99% uptime policy-based server performance.
  • 21x faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology – 21x faster blazing lightning faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology to boost website speed and reduce the page load times

Reason 2 – Security and Reliability:

DomainRacer offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL or comodo certificate which allows secure connections from a web server to a website browser.

Highest Security Performance – The ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, and Firewall are top security tools that are always ready to secure website data and avoid data loss.

Reason 3 – Plans and Pricing:

The basic plan starts with 0.99$/m with all needed features such as full SSD storage, free SSL certificate, 21x faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology, JetBackup and many mores to host your websites.

Reason 4 – Experienced Support:

DomainRacer technical support team is available to assist you 24/7 via tickets, chat, email and call. If you are looking for any kind of technical help you will get enough help over here.

Reason 5 – Additional Features

Additional Features Provide by DomainRacer as:

  • RAID 5 technologies that prevent data crash and avoid data loss with Data Redundancy.
  • 1-Click Softaculous Script and CMS – In just 1 click you can install 450+ applications like WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • Free Website Migration/Transfer – DomainRacer reseller web hosting offers free migration/transfer from the old server to new.

They are continuously accelerating the quality of their web services with budget-friendly plans and work as a top SiteGround alternative for domain and hosting.

#2. Why A2Hosting

alternative to siteground in 2020

A2 Hosting has a great range of hosting options with affordable costing with good uptime and loads of features in the hosting industry.

Reason 1 – 99.9 % Uptime and High Performance:

Most of the hosting companies do not provide an uptime guarantee when it comes to shared hosting.

A2 hosting provides a 99.9% uptime with high-performance rate uses SSD storage, provides unlimited space and bandwidth. So the difference is that SiteGround does not provide such high uptime in 2020.

Reason 2 – Security and Reliability:

A2 hosting provides good security features such as Free SSL, HackScan protection to protect your websites, DDoS protection as well. They provide several security features, which are reliable as well.

Reason 3 – Plans and Pricing:

A2Hosting includes various web hosting services such as Shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and Dedicated hosting.

A2 hosting provides better plans and is affordable. The plans are almost equally priced, even less than SiteGround plans.

Reason 4 –Technical Support:

A2Hosting provides great customer support. You can reach over by using tickets or live chat. If you are looking for technical help you will get enough help over here.

 #3. Why GreenGeeks –

Siteground alternatives for domains

GreenGeeks is the best and top siteground cheaper alternatives come as a good eco-friendly web hosting platform in the year 2020. The plans and features of GreenGeeks would be a suitable alternative to SiteGround.

They provide some promising features in several ways which as follows:

Reason 1 – High Uptime

GreenGeeks gives a gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee for its shared hosting.

Reason 2 – Pricing:

GreenGeeks having different web hosting plans. The most basic plan contains useful features and will cost only $2.95/month and you don’t have to pay additionally for most of the services.

Reason 3 – Security and Reliability:

Security and reliability is a primary concern when it comes to website hosting. All plans of GreenGeeks cover Free SSL.

Additionally, they provide real-time security scanning for virus and malware, automatic backup, enhanced SPAM protection. GreenGeeks provides some advanced security features which are missing in SiteGround.

Reason 4 –Additional Features:

GreenGeeks is the best SiteGround competitors that provide backups and recovery in every plan with free website migration provided in 2020.

They provide 24/7 technical support. It has developer-friendly services such as drag and drop builder, free email accounts, and an unlimited database.

 #4. Why BlueHost

siteground competitors options

BlueHost is the top SiteGround hosting alternatives and competitors platform and it is officially recommended for WordPress.

It comes with various services and features and makes it easier to host websites.

Reason 1 – Features:

Bluehost provides shared, dedicated, WordPress, VPS hosting. They provide website building using Weebly.

In addition, you can get some extra features such as Unique IP, Domain Privacy, Spam protection, access control.

Reason 2 – plans & Price:

The Bluehost’s basic plans start at $2.95/month. This is sufficient for an individual website. The plan renews at $7.99/month which is budget-friendly.

All plans include domains, backups, basic security features, customer support, SSL certificates.

Reason 3 – Customer Support:

BlueHost having great customer support services via tickets, chats, emails, and phone. They have WordPress expertise and provides 24/7 customer support.

Reason 4 – WordPress hosting:

Bluehost is the recommended SiteGround similar sites hosting for WordPress websites their WordPress hosting plans start at $2.95/month.

This plan includes WordPress installation and updates. Bluehost also supports e-commerce which starts at $6.95/month

Final Considerations: Top SiteGround Free Alternatives in 2021

In this article I have listed some best SiteGround competitors and alternatives, all of these are good with their services and cost

If I have to choose a single Sitegrund alternative for domain and hosting then I would like to go ahead with DomainRacer.

With this platform, you will get quality features, good speed, high performance, 99.9% uptime at an affordable cost.