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  • DomainRacer VS MilesWeb – Popular Doesn’t Mean Better in 2023

DomainRacer VS MilesWeb – Popular Doesn’t Mean Better in 2023

domainracer vs milesweb

domainracer vs milesweb

I have tried my hands at quite a number of hosting providers before finalizing this article, so yeah this one is going to be a review, a comparison between two of the leading giants in the industry.

Check Out the List of Article’s Content below:

I will list out both the companies and then you can decide for yourselves as to which one is going to be your new friend i.e. DomainRacer or MilesWeb

DomainRacer vs MilesWeb – Web Hosting Performance

Both companies offer SSD storage and LiteSpeed technology to increase the speed of processing.

Their all plans are powered by 21x faster LiteSpeed technology, which performs better than another web hosting provider.

Both companies offer the same features but you can check Web Hosting Performance in below

DomainRacer Web Hosting Performance:

domainracer high performance web hosting

MilesWeb Web Hosting Performance:

milesweb website hosting performance

DomainRacer vs MilesWeb – Speed Test Result

DomainRacer and MilesWeb both companies offer the Hosting service with SSD (Solid State Drives). SSDs are the latest big advancement in data storage technology, resulting in faster and more reliable hosting for your website.

Based on the speed testing results, both web Hosting providers achieve a fast page loading speed. But DomainRacer speed is faster than MilesWeb.

DomainRacer Speed Test Result:

domainracer web hosting speed

MilesWeb Speed Test Result:

milesweb hosting web speed

DomainRacer Versus MilesWeb – TTFB Test Result

Time to the first byte is used to measure the duration from the user browser making an HTTP request to the first byte being received by the user’s browser.

Here is a comparison of the TTFB Test.

DomainRacer TTFB Test Result:

domainracer ttfb performance

MilesWeb TTFB Test Result:

milesweb cpanel ttfb performance

DomainRacer vs MilesWeb – Uptime Test Result

DomainRacer and Milesweb offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee for the users of their hosting business. Both providers provide a tier 3 data center that offers the best uptime.

You can see the uptime report.

DomainRacer Uptime Test Result:

domainracer uptime test result

MilesWeb Uptime Test Result:

milesweb hosting website uptime measure

DomainRacer vs MilesWeb – Technical Support

Both web hosting services providing great customer support.

DoaminRacer is an award-winning customer support company while Milesweb too offers you 24×7 assistance over Phone, Support ticket, Email, and Live Chat!.

domainracer vs milesweb hosting support comparison

DomainRacer offers totally free user-friendly assistance to its consumers. Their support team is composed of talented experts that can help in completing tedious tasks. Those are more important to make your business project successful.

DomainRacer vs MilesWeb – SEO Friendly Hosting

Search Engines like Google care about only the UI  and content to award your website with the best rankings. And here the necessity of an SEO tool comes. SEO plays a vital role in enhancing your visibility in search engines and making your visitors happy.

DomainRacer offers SEODefaults tools absolutely free (Worth $49/month) where MileWeb doesn’t have any such kind of feature.

seodefault tool

DomainRacer’s SEO suite estimates technical SEO issues on your website and provides suggestions for clarifying them. Here you can do competitor analysis on the basis of the targeted search query.

DomainRacer vs MilesWeb – Hosting Prices

The price of hosting services is another key aspect in purchasing the correct plan at the right cost. Sometimes you have to pay more fees for top-grade services.

But DomainRacer offers really affordable hosting plans start from Rs 59/month without compromising the quality of products. It offers ultra 20X fast Basic, Personal, Silver, and Advanced plans for all size businesses. Those having the ability to take care of heavy traffic.

As for MilesWeb, they offer the lowest plan for Rs. 40 per month named Tyro, Swift, Turbo.

Still, the basic hosting prices of DomainRacer is quite higher than MilesWeb, I am suggesting DomainRacer if you’re looking for good and unlimited resources

DomainRacer vs MilesWeb – User Review

Before buying a customer service you can check the real customer reviews. There are many customer reviews for both companies. There are many happy customers with their services.

Read below reviews analysisis.

DomainRacer Customer Review:

domainracer hosting provider reviews

domainracer web hosting support

Milesweb Customer Review:

milesweb web hosting services reviews

milesweb web hosting review

FAQs: DomainRacer VS MilesWeb

1. Why is DomiRacer better than MilesWeb? 

If you are willing to see a bright future for your business then go with DomainRacer.It is leading to deliver excellent service to their users with the following benefits over MilesWeb:- 

  • Flawless 99.99% uptime assurance
  • Easy to use control panel to manage your web hosting
  • Free website weekly backup process
  • Free PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Email accounts
  • 21x Faster LiteSpeed technology

Domain Racer is the fastest-growing hosting solution with the cheapest hosting packages provider in the market.

2. Which is the best option for hosting in between DomainRacer & MilesWeb?

Both of these hosting solutions are great options. Millions of satisfied customers in both companies.

But when it comes to pricing. DomainRacer offers the best value for money, by providing unlimited features, amazing website performance with LiteSpeed technology, extraordinary SEO tool, and eco-friendly hosting nature.

Thus DomainRacer offers better features than MilseWeb Hosting.

Conclusion: Who is best?

So this all about DomainRacer and Milesweb web hosting comparison with their unique features.

Both are affordable and highest-performing web host. If you are looking for Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, and VPS hosting then you can go with DomainRacer.

Also, if you are a newbie in web hosting and you do not wish to spend so much time starting, you can go with DomainRacer Web Hosting Plans. If your website traffic is increasing, you need better reliability and uptime. So, DomainRacer will be a great choice for you.

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