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DomainRacer vs GoDaddy – 7 Factors of Best Web Hosting

Choosing the best web hosting service provider it’s the most important. While you can design your website to look great and impress everyone, without a reliable web host no one will get to see it.

Selecting the right web hosting provider requires research. So we will help you to choose the best web hosting provider, here’s a comparison between two hosting services: DomainRacer and GoDaddy.

DomainRacer vs GoDaddy – Web hosting Performance

DomainRacer uses Solid State Drive servers which increase the speed of processing and are available on all their hosting plans. Their all plans are powered by 21x faster LiteSpeed SSD technology, which performs up to 20 times faster than regular servers.

GoDaddy does not offer fast web hosting services. If you want your visitors to have a faster browsing experience on your website, neither of both companies should be your hosting solution.

DomainRacer Performance Test Result-

domainracer high performance India

GoDaddy Performance Test Result-

godaddy hosting business performance

DomainRacer vs GoDaddy – Speed Test Result

DomainRacer offers the Hosting service with Solid State Drives. SSD is an advanced data storage device that speeds up the page loading speed to 100% faster.

Based on the speed testing results, both web Hosting providers achieve a fast page loading speed. But DomainRacer speed is faster than GoDaddy, because the DomainRacer have 21x faster LiteSpeed technology servers, and exclusive technologies to speed up the webpage loading to the largest extent.

DomainRacer Speed Test Result-

domainracer speed test result 2018

GoDaddy Speed Test Result-

godaddy website speed 2017

DomainRacer vs Godaddy – TTFB Test Result

TTFB is a metric used to measure how quickly a web server responds to a visitor request. Whenever a user makes a request to the website, the request is carried forward to the website which in turn processes the request and servers the data according to the request. Here is a comparison of TTFB for DomainRacer and GoDaddy.

DomainRacer TTFB Test Result-

domain racer TTFB web server time

GoDaddy TTFB Test Result-

godaddy TTFB server time

DomainRacer vs GoDaddy – Uptime Test Result

DomainRacer and GoDaddy guarantee 99.99% uptime for the users of their hosting services. However, this guarantee is not backed by any promised compensation for the failure. Here are two ways to know the real condition of their uptime.

One is to read the customer reviews, and the other is to conduct uptime monitoring by you. You can read the uptime result of DomainRacer and GoDaddy in below.

DomainRacer Uptime Test Result-

domain racer uptime customer support 2018

GoDaddy Uptime Test Result-


godaddy uptime customer support 2018

DomainRacer vs GoDaddy – Technical Support

DomainRacer and GoDaddy companies offer multiple contact methods, including phone, tickets, and live chat. All these contact methods are accessible 24×7 except for the live chat provided by DomainRacer which is available during the work hours.

DomainRacer vs GoDaddy – User Review

Before buying web hosting service, you will check the Real customer reviews. There are many customer reviews for both companies, the customers of each are generally very happy with their services.

Check there reviews then gets the web service.  You can read the few Review of DomainRacer and GoDaddy in below.

DomainRacer Customer Review-

domainracer customer feedback Indiadomainracer hosting ratings India

GoDaddy Customer Review-



DomainRacer vs GoDaddy – who is the best?

In fact, for customers only focus on super-fast hosting speed, they can choose either DomainRacer or GoDaddy. However, for customers looking for affordable web hosting with excellent hosting experience and great support, DomainRacer Hosting might be the better choice.