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DomainRacer vs BlueHost Hosting – Best Customer Review 2023

domainracer vs bluehost hosting

DomainRacer and Bluehost both provide different types of hosting services. Both of them are well-known domain registrars and offer services like shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, and Reseller hosting solutions. These web hosting businesses have huge experience and customer support.

Brief Summary of this Article:

Both companies offer similar services, choosing one could be a difficult task for many. To make your life a little easy and help you pick one, we have written a DomainRacer vs BlueHost web hosting comparison.

DomainRacer vs BlueHost – Web hosting Performance

You can choose a host for your website the performance gives priority. The real test of a web host is done by its performance. Here we will compare the performance of both websites.

  • DomainRacer Performance Test Result

domainracer website performance speed

  • BlueHost Performance Test Result

bluehost wordpress performance

The website hosted on DomainRacer scored 81% whereas the BlueHost scored 53%. DomainRacer scoring more depicts that the website hosted on DomainRacer performed a great than the one hosted on Godaddy.

DomainRacer Viruses BlueHost – Speed Test Result

You can start your own website; you never wait for your visitors. Slow website speeds harmful for website traffic because people don’t like to wait. Here is a comparison between website speeds hosted on DomainRacer and BlueHost

  • DomainRacer Vs BlueHost Speed Test Result-

domainracer vs bluehost speed test service

The speed test results show that the website hosted on DomainRacer loaded in 2.4 seconds while the one hosted on BlueHost loaded in 3.4 seconds.

DomainRacer vs BlueHost – TTFB Test Result

TTFB test shows the speed of the server. TTFB test shows the lesser time a website takes. Here is a comparison of TTFB between hosted on DomainRacer and BlueHost –

  • DomainRacer TTFB Test Result-

domainracer cloud server TTFB result

  • BlueHost TTFB Test Result-

bluehost com hosting TTFB result

In this TTFB results show that DomainRacer took 0. 287seconds to transfer the first byte of data while BlueHost took 0.268 seconds, which is very high compared to BlueHost.

DomainRacer vs BlueHost – Uptime Test Result

Uptime is a very important factor in hosting, and the reason for this is simple—if your web server is down, no one can access your site as your site will be down too. This can be very bad if you’re running a business.

  • DomainRacer Uptime Test Result-

domainracer uptime server result

  • BlueHost Uptime Test Result-

bluehost uptimer server result

So the Uptime results show that DomainRacer has 99.99% uptime and BlueHost has 99.00% uptime. So we can conclude that DomainRacer has around 100%uptime whereas BlueHost doesn’t look promising when uptime is considered.

DomainRacer vs BlueHost – User Review

Customer reviews let you know about the web hosting services. People are usually more vocal about the problems they have than the features that work for them but, taken together; these reviews present what it’s like to use these hosting services.

DomainRacer Customer Review-

domainracer web hosting reviews

BlueHost Customer Review-

bluehost hosting reviews

bluehost web hosting reviews

DomainRacer vs BlueHost – Hosting Prices

DomainRacer is one of the cheapest hosting solutions among the best hosting providers. It offers a wide array of hosting plans at very fair prices that anyone can purchase easily. They win many peoples’ hearts as they never compromise the quality services even at low-cost hostings.

BlueHost is also a good web host but it is far beaten by DomainRacer in budget-friendly hosting charges

Let’s compare DomainRacer and BlueHost for their entry-level plans for hosting. You can see DomainRacer performs very well in terms of market values.

domainracer vs bluehost hosting plans prices

Both web hosting provider offers best technical support, they hire a group of professional and experienced support staffs who are accessible 24/7 through e-mail, phone call and live chat. They can get the best help. Their users are satisfied with the support.

FAQ:  Best Web Hosting- DomainRacer Or Bluehost

1. Why is choosing the best web hosting most important?

To become a successful businessman or blogger, the user experience of your website or blog is a crucial factor. So wanting to reach the top position in your respective field consider the following aspects during hosting selection.

  • Loading speed affect your SEO ranking
  • The high-tech security tools protect your website from hackers.
  • Dedicated technical support are all time available whenever you need help
  • The revenue depends on how your site is working. With high downtime, you lose your customers. 

So be careful in choosing a web host by keeping our needs in mind.

2. How is DomainRacer better than BlueHost?

The key elements required to be the best company in the hosting world for all kinds of businesses are affordability, reliability, scalability, and security. And DomainRacer’s hosting services are fully furnished with all these features.

DomainRacer leaves behind Bluehost in hosting prices and customer satisfaction. So prefer the best for getting better.

3. What are the disadvantages of using BlueHost Hosting?

There are always some pros and cons with every hosting solution. Bluehost also has some downsides with its hosting procedure. 

  • The higher domain name renewal prices
  • Too many upselling addons

Which is Best Hosting..??

Considering all the factors, including the features of both the hosts, we can conclude that both the hosts are good and provide quality but in some areas like customer support, uptime, and web hosting speed, DomainRacer is best. So we can say that DomainRacer is a perfect choice.