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How to Check if a Domain Name is Available?

If you have a fantastic concept for a website that will be the next big thing on the internet, in your opinion. To find the ideal keywords to target for your new website’s specific niche. You need to first conduct a keyword search and will get to know how to check if a domain name is available.

The next step is to verify domain name availability to see if you can secure it. A domain name that contains your precise term preferably. Especially look for the one that ends in .com if not go for another extension with the help of DomainRacer. If you do, you’ll have a head start in improving the ranking of your website.

In most cases, the likelihood that you want decreases the chances of domain availability. with the popularity of the keyword, you are searching for. In that situation, you should experiment with keyword variations to find a good keyword you like.

Currently, there are about 628.5 million registered domains. Generic TLDs (top-level domains) make up 43% of these, making them the most prevalent subtype of domain names. The most typical domain extension, which accounts for almost 37% of all domains.

The US has the most domains registered of any country, with 21.5% of them being registered there. 201.6 million domains were registered as of December 31, 2020, and 438.4 million as of 31 Dec 2021.
As of December 31, 2019, 165.96 million domains were registered.

Tips to Choose Domain Name for its Availability –

It can be difficult to find a suitable domain name that is not already used, especially if generic phrases are involved, but the effort is definitely worth it.

  • Broad Term Domain Name – Think about filing a name using generic terms associated with your business and services. When you do this, your search name rankings will improve. It will be simpler for people to remember your name. And it will have a higher resale value if you ever decide to sell your company or even just your website.
  • Determining the Status of Availability – Don’t just type names into your browser when searching. Most domain names that have been registered are not being actively used. The majority of domain name registrars like DomainRacer websites are used to check whether a domain name is available.
  • The domain name should be Simple and Unique – You must take care that you must come up with a name that is simple enough for your customers and other surfers to remember. Your domain will support your business and make it easier for customers to reach your website without any problems.
  • Availability Chances – When you want to register your own domain, domain name availability is quite important. It is essential to have a distinctive domain name. If it turns out that the domain name you wanted isn’t available or has already been registered. By someone else, you’ll need to tweak it, rearrange it, or just settle for a different name with the help of DomainRacer.

Check Domain Name Availability by Domain Search Tools –

  1. DomainRacer
  2. DomainWheel
  3. NameBoy
  4. Instant Domain Search
  5. Panabee

Checking Domain Name Availability

1. DomainRacer

Do you believe you have what it takes to thrive in an internet company but are unsure where to start? Here is some advice on how to make your business venture successful. You must consider your options and be sure of the website you wish to use first. This will definitely help you to know if a domain name is taken.

Before you have your ultimate domain name decided upon, you cannot establish it. The work is not yet complete even if you have a perfect website title. With the DomainRacer you must determine whether or not the title is available. When you test and pass the verification, you can now relax knowing that the ideal domain name is already not taken.

DomainRacer is easy to use and where you can register the domain name by finding its availability or not. They give ID protection and DNS management at no extra cost. If you need to check the domain name availability. And register it immediately without wasting time in affordable pricing DomainRacer is best for you.

2. DomainWheel

The DomainWheel gives information on domains and names in different languages. You may refine the search results using the extension, language, keywords, and other search criteria with them. Once you’ve decided on a domain name, you can check if it is available and register it to prevent someone else from using it.

There are many locations to register a domain name, and some websites even let you do it for no cost. You can enter many keywords to receive a good variety of domain names, you are not limited to just one. For me, finding additional keywords helps me come up with more original ideas.

After selecting a domain name, other choices will show up. Words that rhyme with your domain name or keywords, alternative combinations, or even just randomly generated domain names are some examples.

3. NameBoy

The name is slightly popular since the 1990s which helps to check whether the domain name is available or not. Users are encouraged to utilize two keywords in Nameboy’s keyword generator. This provides access to a few additional options and combinations. Nameboy, like the other generators, will generate a variety of potential domain names.

You can enter a primary keyword or a secondary keyword. Decide whether to allow hyphens or rhymes when using Nameboy. The outcomes will be shown in a table with the name and extensions. With the availability indicated by a different color.

4. Instant Domain Search

You can type a keyword into Instant Domain Search to see if it’s available. The outcomes include recommendations and domains that are for sale together. With their asking pricing and purchasing details and thorough keyword analytics.

This tool provides domain searching and available, expired, and for-sale domains with various extensions. You may need to manually request the price in some circumstances. while in others you may be able to view the pricing right away.

5. Panabee

The tool’s simplicity of use is a result of the lack of many available options. But it yields some of the best outcomes. This is one of the greatest domain name checkers and generators overall. It comes up with random domain suggestions.

You can enter up to two words to see or custom extension suggestions. Additionally, Panabee displays associated terms for your keywords and verifies their accessibility. On different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Apple Store.

Final Thoughts…

You would have definitely got the process of what you should do to take your business online. The Domain Name is the main thing to start off as by that you will be known everywhere on the internet. For availability register and whatsoever platform like DomainRacer will be useful for you.

By all this, you would have got an idea of what you should go for and what is beneficial for you. There are many tools available in the market but it’s not like all are genuine. Better go through them in detail as shown here.

Whether a domain name is available or not should be properly checked in the tool. If the domain name is not available it should show similar combinations of keywords and your choice. Some of the tools really help you in all this and save the time and money of you.

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