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Create and Sell Online Courses 2023 (Best 5+ LMS Platforms)

create and sell online courses for beginners

In today’s world, the online course creation process i.e. LMS industry. Money can be made smartly by teaching online because people can pay for your skills here. In that, online education represents a huge opportunity. You should not miss this opportunity for an extra source of income.

The size of the worldwide e-learning industry, estimated at $197.00 billion in 2020, is expected to grow and reach $840.11 billion by 2030.

With these figures and the appropriate information. it’s obvious that, after you have good clients, indeed you may earn a tonne of money by selling online courses. Which helps you survive in today’s competitive world.

Besides this, your online course can be used as a marketing strategy to improve your relationships with your customers. Here we can show people – what your brand is all about, via your online course. And showing them, How you are different from your competitors?

Reasons to Create and Market Online Courses:-

As we have seen the growth of Online courses and the growing craze of it we get plenty of reasons to do it. DomainRacer LMS is one of the best platforms where we can create and sell online courses with different features and how to create market and sell online courses.

We will see the list of reasons why one should go for it.

  1. An extra income opportunity through the LMS system for thousands of teachers.
  2. Reach (video) Content anywhere without geographic restrictions easily.
  3. Build a personal brand with the creation of your own courses in the market.
  4. LMS makes tasks easy for course creators and online learners/students.
  5. An all-in-one platform where you can track the details of each learner.

By 2025, the market is anticipated to expand at an average rate of about 32.1%.

What if you have issues while implementing the Courses?

There is always a solution for each problem whether it’s about creating or selling process. You will get 24*7 support via chat or through calls if you choose the DomainRacer LMS Platform.

When we look into detail stats and reasons for it you will surely be confident about having profit. Reaching everyone with one account is less effort and more output.

The Process to Create Online Courses ⇒ ⇒

Select topics one by one on subjects that you want to deliver – If you decided to create courses and sell them you should be perfect in that subject. Also, the field must be demanding in the market.

Thinking and sorting subjects that are in demand in the online market – Decide the subject and sort them as per demand in the market. There are several examples of it as below.

  • Training for building a website
  • Cooking classes
  • Home decor and gardening courses
  • Travel courses
  • Arts & craft courses
  • Digital marketing and sales courses

Choose the LMS platform to get it live – The platform where you can display the pre-recorded courses or you can go live.

Getting all media online and creating courses easily – With the help of LMS features or plugins with drag and drop it’s an easy task to build the course online from scratch.

Convince yourself to create and sell online courses…

  • Accept payments online so no need to reach physically to someone.
  • Allow access via mobile if can’t stay in one place.
  • Offering Badges & Certificates after course completion.
  • Many demanding fields are where people need to get online courses and learn.
  • A new way to learn that’s changed after the pandemic mostly.

The Process to Sell Online Courses ⇒ ⇒

Decide charge for selling your online course – Once you created the course selling that course online is a challenging task. Studying the market and prices in a market of particular course you should decide the price you gonna sell it for.

Customizing your website keeping customer demand in mind – For selling the courses the LMS website you build should be properly sorted and easy to use. It should come with proper support whenever needed with automated notifications.

Make the marketing of your courses – For selling the courses online you should do proper marketing with the tools offered by the LMS platform provider.

Selling Membership – Start passive income sources by constructing pre-recorded courses. By Recording the course you should host it, and then start making money. Which will save you precious time and unnecessary effort.

Not being habitual in reading and implementing? No worries here is the solution for you…

The whole process of creating and selling the courses with a clear mindset. To understand it practically you should definitely watch the DomainRacer LMS video series of the same.


1. How do I create an online course?

There are some easy steps to create an online course as follows.

  • Understand Your Market.
  • Make Courses That Are Well Coordinated.
  • Decide on the platform host.
  • Choose the fees for your online course.
  • Display your course live.

2. What is the best platform to create and sell online courses?

The platform you choose should be easy to use and with amazing features and create online courses to sell. It should be cost-effective which can be in your budget by overall calculations. As you choose the platform and start the actual work there should be proper support.

A few of the most bright websites for creating & selling online courses include

  • DomainRacer
  • Thinkific
  • LearnWorld
  • Teachable
  • LearnDash

3. How much does it cost to develop an online course?

The cost to develop online courses can vary from different websites. The approximate value can be from $4000 to $ 10000. Studying the market and comparing all the top LMS platforms DomainRacer offers more affordable pricing than others.

4. How can I make money selling online courses?

Steps to follow –

  • Make Courses That Are Well Coordinated.
  • Decide on the platform host.
  • Choose the fees for your online course.
  • Display your course live.
  • Market your course.
  • Choose the right audience to market.
  • Make money selling courses with the best LMS platform.

6. Is selling online courses profitable?

Yes, definitely it can be profitable. But you should keep the target in mind about do your courses are in demand and did you do that with quality.

  • Should have affordable pricing for your users.
  • Choose the best platform for your online courses that will also help you in marketing.
  • Should be an expert in the field of your courses.
  • Keeping all the factors in mind online can be profitable.

Time to Create and Sell Online Courses…

There are people every time or right now who would profit from knowing the subject you teach. There are also chances that there may be already online courses available on the same topic, but they would lack the particular procedure you saw above in detail.

Just start the tour to share your knowledge by developing an online course by reading this page. Even though you haven’t yet performed any of the exercises, you have already begun. Studying all ways about the host where you can host courses and sell them DomainRacer LMS can be a good choice for you.

Just hope you got enough information about what you needed reading all of it and start the work right now without wasting the time.

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