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  • #1 Best VPS Reseller Hosting 2024 (Grab UpTo 25%+ Discounts)

#1 Best VPS Reseller Hosting 2024 (Grab UpTo 25%+ Discounts)

best vps reseller hosting provider

You are right, the VPS reseller hosting business is now so simple. You can easily sell a vps reseller white label product to your client by integrating it into your WHMCS panel.

To get a detailed guide to start your VPS reseller hosting business, please read this article to understand more about offers, whether it is white-labeled or not. Discount levels and many more…

The best thing about the best and cheapest cloud VPS Reseller hosting program is you can easily sell VPS hosting accounts without investing a large source of income. Apart from this, you can kick-start your business and generate an extra source of income through white-label VPS reseller plans.

Table of Contents in Brief

You can join the cloud VPS reseller program from any country like India, UK, USA, Indonesia, and South Africa etc.

Sell More VPS… Get More Extensive Discounts

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Active VPS 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-70 71+
Discounts 05% 10% 15% 20% 25%
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Whether Top VPS Reseller Hosting Program worth it or not?

Let me clarify your doubts…

Let’s say you are planning to start a cheap VPS reseller program for this we need a dedicated server that costs price you around $100-$250 per month. Whereas you can build 15-30 VPS out of it, which is dependent on client requirements. This means per VPS will cost you $10-$20 for a 2GB RAM VPS service.

If you do a market survey, other unmetered VPS hosting providers will offer you at $10. Which means…?

Your VPS Building Cost >= Competitor VPS Selling Cost

Note:  This denotes that it is loss-making formulae to build your own VPS Server.

fully white label services solution

Other hand from cheap VPS Reseller plans we can get the same configuration VPS server at the lowest cost. So, it’s clear that we would hold a hand with WHMCS VPS Reseller Provider accounts or you can say become a VPS reseller white label partner with a leading brand and kick-start the VPS hosting business.

If you are looking for a best-dedicated server India for hosting, then your website will be on India’s server soon. Here you will get a High-Speed network, Tier III DC, Firewall security, and many more…

So, here is a recommendation for Best VPS Reseller WHMCS Hosting…

I will strongly recommend you to go with the DedicatedCore. Because DedicatedCore allows you to automate & integrate the API system into your unlimited VPS reseller business accounts. This will help you to make cheap VPS reseller program business very easy in all countries like India, UK, USA, Indonesia, South Africa, etc.

cloud vps reseller hosting company

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Before moving further let’s know about the features of the unlimited DedicatedCore VPS Reseller program in brief. Choose the best business solution infrastructure to boost up your growth.

  • Massive Discount:- Lowest cost and also have up to 25% Discount

You will get a fantastic deal on DedicatedCore white-label VPS reseller plans. According to their policy, the percentage of discount depends on DedicatedCore white label VPS reseller plans. The reseller level  is calculated by how many active VPS servers you operate with them

  • WHMCS Module:- Allow integrating and automated VPS Reselling

Well-designed WHMCS Module that allows resellers to create and manage virtual private servers very easily. And integrate it with WHMCS, the web hosting billing and automation platform.

  • Instant Service Setup:- Activation/Setup will be instant

Save your time! Set up your best reseller VPS hosting within 5 min of purchase. Their quick provision principles make your VPS server “ready to use” in a fraction of a second for most customers and resellers.

Dedicatedcore hosting services allow you to change your plan anytime and increase your resources as per your requirement just in a few clicks.

  • Reverse DNS Management:- Easy to add rDNS Record

A user-friendly VPS control panel makes it easy to change your VPS hostname and reverse DNS. It will be beneficial for B2B companies.

benefits of vps reseller hosting

  • Backup Facility:- Support Weekly/Daily Backup options

Complimentary weekly backup services with all hosting packages and plans by default.  If you require more as per your need then the paid backup cost is $2.

Real-time server redundancy protects your data at a high level. It saves your data if any server malfunction happens. 

  • Precisely Support

24/7 world-class technical support to take care of your server’s complete health and security. Overall management of the back end of your account. Softaculous Auto Installer with hosting, helps you to install and configure whatever need for your best reseller VPS hosting.

  • Unlimited cPanel

Unlimited cPanel features for your VPS server, help you to manage your server and web hosting environment easily. Unlimited VPS servers with unlimited bandwidth would be the best opportunity to work flawlessly.

Finally, you can start your best cheap VPS Hosting business easily. Here what types of VPS selling can be done through DedicatedCore API.

  • Standard VPS Hosting – Especially for New Customers.
  • KVM Linux VPS Hosting – Best for Performance and Pure SSD Hosting.
  • KVM Windows VPS Hosting – Similar to KVM Linux but supports Windows Server (MySQL).
  • Storage VPS Hosting – Lowest Cost Storage Server Ever.

Check out the common features that Standard VPS, KVM Linux, KVM Windows, and Storage VPS Hosting offers:

  • Data Storage with firewall layer and RAID technology 
  • Best server infrastructure with super fast speed performance
  • The perfect combination of technology and management service to maintain your VPS server easily.
  • Free Backup with Redundancy
  • Efficient Linux VPS hosting platform with KVM virtualization.
  • Maintain Tier III data center located in Europe 
  • Highly skilled 24/7 award-winning support 

Complete Video Series to Start Your VPS Reseller Business from Scratch 

video series to start vps reseller business

Fully White Label VPS Reseller…

Do you know what is white label VPS reseller hosting? Here is your answer lie…

If you are thinking for growth and lead branding of your VPS business then doesn’t go anywhere here is the platform..where you can brand your business for marketing and selling purpose.

WHMCS brandable version and its customized setup are available at DedicatedCore So it’s time to start branding your cheapest plans. 

FAQ: Best VPS Reseller Hosting Review

 1. How does Reseller VPS Hosting work?

In virtual private server reseller hosting, you will get full root access, DNS management, and a WHMCS delivery system. So you have full rights to decide to host prices for the services that you are offering to your client without investing too much money.  

If you choose the DedicatedCore white-label VPS reseller plans you will get the following benefits:

  • Huge discounts on Hosting packages
  • Automated software/hardware setup
  • Reverse DNS with Software Licenses
  • White Label for your branding
  • Quick Upgrade & Service Setup
  • WHMCS Module 
  • High-Quality Crew support

2. How to become a VPS reseller?

Simply VPS reseller is a big virtual server that you cut in small pieces in the form of hosting packages with special features and software. When you use your VPS for your reseller purpose and start selling your hosting services, you will become the best VPS reseller.

3. How to get a white-label VPS Reseller?

When I compare DedicatedCore’s resources, I found that they offer fully white-label VPS reseller hosting with greater flexibility, scalability, most reliable features, and enhanced performance to you and your customers.

Join VPS Reseller

Hopefully, this information helps get started with your VPS Hosting business service. You can signup through the below link. The best part of DedicatedCore fastest vps reseller white label is “It’s Free for Everyone”.

Leave your opinion and suggestions, so we can assist you better. Hopefully, your all doubts are now cleared with the best VPS reseller hosting program. Have a nice day ahead…

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