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  • [List 5] Best Non EIG Hosting Companies 2024 – The Truth Providers

[List 5] Best Non EIG Hosting Companies 2024 – The Truth Providers

best non eig hosting


Today I’m going to discuss some best non EIG (Endurance International Ground) hosting companies that provide you with better services. These non EIG hosting are much better than EIG hosting.

The web hosting business is one of the biggest parts of starting an online business website. Many cheapest cost non-EIG web hosting companies are known for their better services and resources.

Let’s See Some Overview Points:

Endurance International Ground EIG hosting was founded in 1997 by Hari Ravichandran.

For example, if you ask for support then they waste your time by trying to sell you additional add-ons and tools that nobody needs, rather than getting to the issue, so it’s always better to avoid EIG hosting brands.

EIG hosting is still acquiring web hosting companies but the newly owned EIG hosting companies are going down. It has become very bad.

percentage ratings for non eig hosting alternative

Why you should move from EIG Web Hosting to Non-EIG Hosting?

Following are some reasons which force you to use non-EIG hosting companies:

  • Unreliable Customer Support from EIG hosting companies
  • Occasional Breakdowns problem with EIG web hosting

You can avoid these problems by moving to non-EIG hosting companies.

In this article, I’m going to show you the top alternative to Endurance International Ground EIG hosting with impressive server uptime, speed, and security. Following is a list of non EIG web hosting companies.

5 Best Non-EIG Hosting Companies of 2024

Selecting criteria for non-EIG hosting companies is simple. I chose the best alternative to EIG hosting based on the great tech support team, security, and solid-state drives (SSD).

Any web hosting with NVMe SSDs and Litespeed server support is going to be faster than the ones with regular HDD and Apache servers. But nowadays there are very few web hosting that provide NVME SSD and Litespeed technology.

1] DomainRacer (Cheapest Non-EIG hosting)

DomainRacer is one of the finest non-EIG hosting Companies. It provides the best web hosting and the best cheap cPanel reseller hosting services globally. Also, it provides Litespeed technology that increases your site performance.

best non eig web hosting

DomainRacer hosting always provides at an affordable price to Get 60% OFF. So that, you can easily buy it and can start your website.

When you are deciding to do online business then website speed and uptime a very important factors. That is why DomainRacer provides you with an incredible 99.99% uptime and fully supported NVMe SSDs.

All the DomainRacer servers are built with Solid State Drives (SSD) to load hosted content within a blink. The SSDs render data much faster than traditional drives (HDD). On top of that, I have no words for their customer support; they are super-fast like their hosting service. Using live chat, you can contact customer/technical support within minutes

Let’s see the cheapest cost plans of DomainRacer web hosting: Basic, Personal, Silver and Advanced.

domainracer packages

  • Basic: This plan will cost you $0.99/month only. A starter can use this package for hosting a single website with SSD storage and 5GB bandwidth.
  • Personal:  You can host a single website with unlimited SSD storage, Bandwidth and Email accounts. This plan is suitable for a professional blogger who has average active traffic.
  • Silver: Host 3 websites with unlimited SSD storage, Bandwidth, and email accounts. You can choose this plan for heavy traffic or multiple average-traffic websites.
  • Advanced: With this plan get unlimited resources like SSD Storage, Bandwidth, Database and FTP users. Here you can host unlimited websites.

The security of websites is the most crucial part, they provide the all top security tools to protect your user from email spamming. As compared to all the non-EIG and EIG hosting companies DomainRacer is a very cost-effective service.

For more information, you can click here and get more information about top non EIG web hosting companies.

Visit DomainRacer

2] InMotion Hosting

This is one of the premium hosting companies not owned by EIG. It has very friendly support and works great for high-traffic websites. It provides very cool features, especially for WordPress.

affordable non eig web hosting

Major considerations for using InMotion Hosting areas are non-EIG hosting. It uses SSD hosting; its web hosting network is based on UNIX and Linux OS.

InMotion offers 3 different shared hosting plans with differences between them. You can see the following plans for non EIG InMotion Hosting.

inmotion non eig hosting plans

  • Launch: It is the most basic plan which supports 2 websites with unlimited disk space, email account, and storage. This plan is mainly for the starter who wants to launch their first website.
  • Power: You can manage 6 websites with unlimited disk space, email accounts, storage, and 26 Parked domains and 100 subdomains. The main difference between launch and power plans is the ability to host 6 websites, a parked domain, and subdomain.
  • Pro: If you want to support unlimited websites then you should choose a pro package. As it supports unlimited websites with unlimited parked domains and subdomains.

Cons: The cost of InMotion hosting plans are greater than DomainRacer. So if you want InMotion EIG hosting alternatives then you can go with DomainRacer or DreamHost.

Visit InMotion

3] DreamHost (Non-EIG hosting brand with optimal solution)

DreamHost was established in 1996, and it has a great emphasis on customer support and service. It provides good support and services.

cheap eig owned hosting

It offers only one shared hosting plan at a cost $7.95/month with unlimited bandwidth and storage. It offers 97 days prolonged money-back guarantee is another great option to secure your investment.

DreamHost is one of the best web Hosting providers for reliable, trusted and fast WordPress hosting services.

Let’s discuss the DreamHost plans, SHARED STATER, and SHARED UNLIMITED to choose which one is best to start the business online.

dreamhost plans

Visit DreamHost

4] A2hosting

One of the best non-EIG hosting alternatives is A2Hosting. It has great technical support, speed, and various hosting plans to suit every need.

non eig hosting companies

It is established in the year 2003. If you want to start a serious business online then A2Hosting is a great option.

Let’s discuss the A2Hosting plans, STARTUP, DRIVE, TURBO BOOST and TURBO MAX to choose which one is best to start the business online.

a2hosting non eig packages

  • STARTUP: Starter must go with LITE plans as it allows hosting 1 website. It provides unlimited storage and transfers with free SSL and SSD. But it is not as fast as TURBO.
  • DRIVE: Use this plan with an unlimited website, storage, and database. It provides free SSL and SSD with an anytime money-back guarantee.
  • TURBO: The speed of the TURBO plan is much faster than LITE and SWIFT. It allows an unlimited website, storage, and database.

Compared non EIG web hosting companies, you will understand the differences as the DomainRacer is much faster than A2Hosting.

From here you can check more information about A2Hosting and DomainRacer

Visit A2Hosting

5] SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the leading non EIG hosting brands in the industry. They are an independent web hosting company founded in 2004 by some college students.

non eig hosting service

You can choose SiteGround for small and medium-sized businesses and get reliable support staff.

Let’s see the plans of SiteGround which is not owned by EIG that is StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. Following I have explained in detail all plans of non EIG hosting i.e. SiteGround.

hosting companies not owned by eig

  • StartUp: This is the best plan for the starter purpose. As it allows you to host 1 website with 10 GB space and is suitable for 10,000 visitors per month.
  • GrowBig: It supports unlimited websites with 20 GB of space. It can handle 25,000 visitors per month and 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • GoGeek: If you want more storage space up to 30 GB then you can choose this plan. This plan support 100,000 visitors per month and free SSL for 1 year.

Check more details about SiteGround and buy web hosting.

Cons: If you compare this A2Hosting with DomainRacer and InMotion then you will realize that its features are very limited.

Visit SiteGround

FAQ: On Non-Eig Web Hosting Service

1. Which hosting companies are owned by EIG?

EIG (Endurance International Group) is a kind of parasol for about 60 web hosting providers, which includes some popular brands of hosting industries like HostGator, BlueHost, iPage, and Arvixe.

2. Who is better at EIG or Non- EIG hosting for your Business?

EIG web hosts will refrain from commitments for services they offer to the customers.

  • Not transparent about hosting prices
  • Not specific customer support
  • Not up to the mark of reliability
  • Overloaded with heavy advertisement 

Luckily several other highly reputable web hosts still have not been taken over by EIG. That’s why I recommend preferring a hosting provider under the Non-EIG umbrella 

3. What are the best alternatives for Non-EIG Hosting Companies?

The Non-EIG hosting companies are independently owned and some of them are the best in terms of reliability, hosting price, customer support, and amazing performance with a money-back guarantee. Our recommendations are DomainRacer, InMotion Hosting, and A2Hosting. Choose the best one that suits your needs.

4. Can I switch my hosting from EIG to Non-EIG hosting provider?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with EIG companies hosting services then definitely you can change to non-eig web host for the betterment of your business. Refer to our guide to select affordable, scaleable, SSD-based, and well WordPress hosting services.

speed and uptime for non eig hosting

Wrapping Up On The Available Best Non-EIG Hosting

Hope so now you have decided which reliable non-EIG hosting is best to start your website. Have good look to choose the best non-EIG hosting.

The following points can help you to pick the right one.

High price doesn’t mean quality hosting

If you are getting hosting plans at a high cost that doesn’t mean you are getting all the features, so don’t choose to host based on the cost.

My recommendation is to go with DomainRacer hosting as it provides all the features like Litespeed, SSD storage, and free SSL at an affordable price. So in the hosting market, no one can provide you with these features at this much cost.

If you have any confusion while choosing an alternative option to the EIG hosting company then you can raise your doubts through a comment, and we will definitely clear your doubts.