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#5 Best HostGator Alternative (Fabulous => #1 Web Hosting)

HostGator is one of the most reputable web hosting companies based out of Houston, United States. Most people find their packages affordable and reliable. However, when it comes to technical and customer support, the company does not live up to its reputation and name it has earned in the industry.

Why You Need HostGator Alternatives??

Customer support is the soul of every business, isn’t it? At some point, the customer may get into some problematic situation and he needs assistance on an immediate basis. If the company did not deliver the support services at that time, then it will create the worst situation. And don’t think if you have the technical skills and you don’t need any assistance.

  • No Free automatic backup restore feature.
  • Technical support is the biggest failure of HostGator.
  • HostGator shared hosting is highly vulnerable to malware.

I use DomainRacer and SiteGround and I never face any issue regarding hacking.

Facing unexpectedly poor support

Facing Unexpectedly Poor Support:-

I am really disappointed to report that HostGator support is getting poorer day by day.

hostgator alternative technical support

HostGator present support is not half as good it used to be in the past. Live chat is not and instant support also.

Best HostGator Alternatives 2019

Here we are discussing the HostGator alternatives in details, then you can understand which one is best and which you choose easily.

1. DomainRacer : High Speed Hosting Company

In our opinion, DomainRacer is the best HostGator alternatives. DomainRacer is an independent company. Now the company is not only known as the best WordPress hosting provider, but they are also the best provider of dedicated, VPS and business hosting.

domainracer best hostgator alternative

DomainRacer is always in the spotlight due to its generous offering and advanced tech.

You have a question and want an answer quickly then contact via phone or live chat within a few minutes.

You can even also given via emails. If you want to grab the knowledge in your free time, they maintain support services are also given via emails.

The company offers distinctive plans as compared to the HostGator. HostGator offers unlimited web space, bandwidth, and 1 free domain name. On the other hand, DomainRacer also provides unlimited storage space.

The prices of DomainRacer are bit higher than HostGator. But as you can see DomainRacer offers lots of differentiated features that make their plans valuable.

domainracer hostgator alternative europe

2. SiteGround : Secure Web Hosting

Over the last two years, SiteGround has emerged as a very reliable host. The most specific thing about this company that stands it out from the crowd is that it is highly transparent and far more honest about its policies.

siteground best hostgator alternative

Each shared hosting plans of this company details in a very clear manner about how many visitors per month it can handle. Another this that is really compelling is SiteGround fast and responsive support.

On the one hand, the technical support of the so-called big companies like HostGator is going to the dogs, on the other hand, SiteGround support is improving day by day.

SiteGround offers a limited number of visitors per month and storage whereas HostGator offers limit bandwidth. But wait, this might be the secret of SiteGround outstanding services. In an unlimited bandwidth, there might be a chance a high resource consuming website can consume the resources of a small website.

But this does not happen with every company. Some companies use specific programs to protect each user’s resources. These particular scripts help web hosts to limit CPU resources. These particular scripts help web hosts to limit CPU resources of each user who uses the same server.

hostgator siteground alternative companies

3. BlueHost : Best WordPress Hosting

When it comes to shared hosting, BlueHost is a well-reputed name and it is better than HostGator in many ways. BlueHost is the best HostGator alternative competitors. They offer only one shared hosting packages, and they are known for their reliable hosting. Bluehost offers unlimited bandwidth and storage and offers cPanel hosting.

bluehost best hostgator alternative

Many of my WordPress client sites are hosted there, and I have never faced any technical issues.

Only in the case of something major would I have reason to use their support, but on the occasion when I did request support to make some changes in php.ini, it was completed successfully in on time.

Bluehost offers free SSL certificate & support for PHP7. This is one thing I missed a lot when I was hosted on HostGator.

hostgator alternative competitors bluehost

4. iPage Hosting : Best Domain Web Hosting

iPage is one of the most low-cost web hosting services on the market and HostGator alternative in europe, yet its still a very reliable option. iPage offers 1 single type of hosting plan, whereas HostGator offers several different options.

ipage best hostgator alternative

But with the iPage hosting plan you get 24/7 support and free SSL certificate.

Whether you ‘re first – time website owner or a web veteran, iPage’s excellent hosting services and a fantastic list of extras make the brand one of the best values in web hosting.

Web hosting is not the only web hosting services offers by iPage, their services also include domain registration, online marketing and eCommerce services.

ipage hostgator alternative competitors

Conclusion :

According to various customers review, rating and site hosting technical report. DomainRacer is a good alternative company to HostGator in terms of customer support and services And if you’re budget-conscious, you also can go with DomainRacer. However, I would like to recommend that before switching your hosting provider do not forget to compare cost, services, performance and customer support.