5+ Best Reseller Hosting Provider 2024 ~ Top is No.1 (In-Depth Review)

best reseller hosting providers

There are lots of top reseller hosting providers in the market but we don’t know which one is the best reseller hosting dealer?… And which one is not?

Most of the newbies create confusion in their minds about, which is best for their business.

Some Overview Points…

It is a difficult task to choose the cheapest reseller hosting India because we don’t have experience and also have an issue with the fund for testing to choose the right reseller plans package for our business.

First of all, we want to know which company is best for Linux reseller web hosting. Some hosting provider names provide you best and cheapest reseller hosting plans:

Best Reseller Hosting Providers List 2024

Company Name Features In Short Review Price

best reseller hosting company

  • Free WHMCS Licence
  • Unlimited SSD
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 99.99% uptime with 21X faster LiteSpeed
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Imunify360 & Imunify AV+ tools for security
  • cPanel+Softaculous/WHM Access
  • FREE Tutorial Resources
best 5 star rating domainracer 2018 $5.36/month


inmotionhosting cheap reseller hosting plans

  • 80GB Disk Space
  • 80 GB/m Bandwidth
  • Free WHMCS, cPanel& WHM app
  • Free Domain Name
  • Support and Backup
best 4 star rating inmotion 2018 $12.99/month


  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • Free WHMCS application
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • 24X7 support
star rating hostgator 2019 $18.43/month


a2hosting best reseller hosting canada

  • 30 GB Storage
  • 400 GB Transfer
  • 20X faster server reseller
  • Free account migration
  • WHM Control Panel
best 4 star rating inmotion 2018 $18.75/month


hostgator top 10 reseller hosting us

  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Unmetered domain and Email account
  • Easy to a used control panel
  • 99% uptime guarantee
star rating hostgator 2019 $19.95/month

But by reading this post you will get the one provider for your business. Here, we have given the top 5+ best reseller hosting companies that offer from various countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and India which provide awesome features.

The all above points are very important points, that help you choose the best reseller hosting providers for your business site. From them, you will get some clues about choosing the best company for your web hosting from various countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and India.

#5 Top “Reseller Hosting” Companies – [Best Plans]

Here briefly learn about their features and services.

1. DomainRacer: 21x Faster Reseller Web Hosting + SSD storage

DomainRacer is the world’s top-rated web hosting company to offers cheap reseller hosting plans. It is a master in providing all web hosting plans at a low cost in the world.

domainracer best reseller hosting provider

DomainRacer provides high uptime, reliability, and excellent end-user customer support at an affordable price. It offers unlimited disk space all their reseller hosting plans come with free WHMCS

DomainRacer has worldwide DC servers – India, UK, USA, Germany, Canada and Singapore, etc. It was also very well known for hosting, you can check its top linux reseller hosting india provider, and has its data server center in India.

Additional features of DomainRacer:

Here, I recommended the additional features which are used by DomainRacer :

  • Unlimited SSD Hosting and Bandwidth:
    • It provides you with unlimited cPanel accounts and unmetered storage space to store data.
  • 99.99% Uptime with 20x faster LiteSpeed Technology:
  • Free 1-click app installer:
    • It provides the free Softaculous application to install a 450+ apps installer script.
  • Free JetBackup & RAID Control:
    • Daily Free JetBackup services are available for customers.
  • Free WHMCS Billing Applications:
    • Free WHMCS billing application. For a few other web hosting providers, it must be paid.
  • FREE Tutorials Resources:
  • Mod Security & MagicSpam Protection:
    • It is to secure and protect data from attacks by hackers.
  • 24/7 customer support via Email, Chat, Tickets & Phone

Check DomainRacer Plans 

reseller domainracer hosting

You can get valuable information about the best reseller hosting companies in the video, giving you more information about the top five providers (checklist) in the world.

2. InMotion Hosting: Fast and Secure Reseller server

InMotion is the top-rated US-based web hosting provider. It offers you the fastest web hosting, secure servers, and easy setup.

inmotionhosting best web hosting reseller programHigh availability features that increase website performance. It provides US-based customer support services.

Additional features of InMotion Hosting:

  • Free WHMCS, CPanel, and WHM applications
  • Free SSD disk storage drives with free server management
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Premier U.S. Based user support 24/7/365

Check InMotion Hosting Plans 

best reseller hosting canada

If you are looking for WordPress hosting for a web designer then best hosting for web designers is here.

3. BigRock: Old Trusted Web Hosting Provider

BigRock is India’s top web hosting company. It provides different hosting service plans for small, professional, web designers and individual businesses in Canada.

bigrock best web hosting reseller program

They offer their top cheap reseller hosting companies to clients to establish their online presence in business. It provides unlimited cPanel reseller accounts with a WHMCS billing application.

Additional features of BigRock:

  • 1-click Softaculous installer application
  • Free cPanel/WHM application
  • 99% uptime with dedicated 24×7 technical support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Check BigRock Plans

best reseller hosting packages

If your business has heavy traffic then navigate to vps reseller hosting program to expand your business and gain more benefits from them.

4. A2 Hosting: Reliable Reseller Web Hosting

A2 Hosting is the leading optimized web hosting in the world. It provides you with the fastest and most reliable hosting plans. They mostly care about high uptime and high performance.

a2hosting cheapest reseller hosting in the world

A2 Hosting is blazing fast web hosting 2019. It offers you 20x faster page loads of websites. It gives the best reseller services like speed and reliability. A2 is optimized for optimal configuration.

Additional features of A2 Hosting:

  • Up To 20X Faster reseller servers with free account migration
  • Available 24/7/365 to help users
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • 99% Uptime Commitment

Check A2 Hosting Plans

master reseller hosting with free whmcs

5. HostGator: Easy and Affordable Web Hosting

HostGator is India’s top hosting and most powerful hosting provider. It offers Linux reseller hosting in India and the USA. It offers unlimited space and bandwidth.

hostgator best reseller hosting usa priceAdditional features of HostGator:

  • Unmetered Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts
  • Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel (cPanel Demo)
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • No Contract with a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Private Name Servers based on your Domain

Check HostGator Plans

unmetered reseller hosting

FAQs: Acquaint Yourself with a Reseller

#1. How do I start a Reseller hosting business?

Starting your own best ssd hosting business is easy, and safe. With just a small investment you become a business person.

start reseller hosting business

You must follow the steps to start your reliable reseller hosting business. These steps are as follows –

  1. First, do some research and find out the affordable reseller hosting service provider. Select the right reseller provider that affords you all the things that you want to begin your business. This reliable hosting provider will take care of the requirements of your central interest into consideration.
  2. Suppose, you want WordPress hosting, then your best master reseller web hosting provider should supply unrestricted support and the latest improved software for WordPress foundation and preservation.
  3. After that buy a hosting plan from one of the chosen excellent and reliable cPanel reseller web hosting companies. Start your small or medium-level organization, whichever you require. Once you get the actual traffic or customer, you can always expand it.
  4. If you are done with buying the unlimited reseller hosting package, the next step is very important, which is – Now build your own responsive website with the API of the cheap and affordable reseller web hosting service provider. And define the services that you can serve to your customers.
  5. The fourth step is necessary to expand your business and assemble traffic. Promoting your business through a different medium. For example social media, Google ads, etc.
  6. Most web hosting companies don’t provide marketing tools. But, DomainRacer provides the free SEODefaults marketing tool (worth$49), so you easily grow your business.
  7. Once you are done with the above, the final step is to always update your reseller package with the different prices and plans, and the latest technology to handle the different types of customers. Always expand your web hosting services whenever necessary.

#2. Is Web Hosting Reseller Profitable?

Most of the web hosting service offers more discounts on hosting plans. This strategy makes it a profit-making business.

A top reseller hosting service is also a feasible selection for web designers as well as developers. Especially for those, who operate more than one website, and intend to sell portions of bandwidth and server space to clients who get websites designed for them.

The different benefits of the best reseller web hosting India plans make this business more effective.

benefits of reseller hosting

The following are the privileges of reseller hosting-

✔ You will receive more flexibility and freedom rather than having just one account will give you plenty more options than shared hosting.

✔ Ignore paying for high expenses, as you are going to save more money when you purchase an unmetered reseller server from any highly recommended website.

✔ With DomainRacer offers a fully white label reseller web hosting account you can set your logo or brand name. This means you can make yourself a brand.

✔ You don’t need to worry about the server maintenance charge in case of any difficulty; your inexpensive reseller hosting service provider will incorporate the expense and damages.

✔ You will get much more profit and you will have to contribute just a tiny amount of your money from the income you generate towards your hosting.

#3. What is white-label reseller hosting?

White Label Reseller Hosting means; the service that permits you to sell or market parent hosting services or plans under your brand name. This is an excellent way to start your hosting business, cause it requires no server administration or support experience.

Following are some best white-label reseller hosting providers –

Here we recommended DomainRacer because they provide a fully white-label reseller hosting company and it allows customization at the client’s side; this secures your brand name and appears on the client control panel.

#4. Which reseller hosting is best?

Presently every web hosting provider provides an inexpensive reseller web hosting plan. According to me, the following are some best reseller hosting providers in India, UK, USA, Europe, Canada and many more.

No. Company Name Short Introduction Speed and Uptime
1 DomainRacer 21x Faster SSD with Litespeed Technology Speed:
2 InMotion Hosting Fast and Secure web server Speed:
3 BigRock Old trusted web hosting company Speed:
4 A2 Hosting Reliable web hosting provider Speed:
5 HostGator Easy and Affordable web hosting Speed:

#5. How to select the best reseller hosting service?

Selecting the best reseller hosting service provider is a very difficult task. Subsequent factors will assist you in picking the right one for your business.

Always inspect for these Important factors

  • Affordable Prices: The cost of the reseller hosting package should be affordable and low price. Providers need to offer plans with cheap and affordable prices.
  • Maximum Storage potential: They must provide unlimited storage capacity or maximum amounts of SSD.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth defines the amount of data that can be shifted within websites and visitors’ browsers. To affect our business, providers had to offer unlimited bandwidth.
  • Reliability: Every provider has to have a minimum of 99.99% uptime.
  • Client management tools: All providers must include basic client management tools for free, such as the WHM app. However, they always preferred providers with more extensive tools such as WHMCS.
  • Custom branding: Custom-name server or white label, hosting was a central system for providers. This allows customers to use their names on the hosting account names.
  • Customer service support: Providers must include free customer support for those who purchase packages.

Eternally select the reseller hosting with the above features. DomainRacer is the only best company that presents all these features at a very low cost. So consider this as a priority.

From the above figure,

In short – Pick Reliable Reseller Hosting Services

These are the top 5 reseller hosting provider companies, which give qualitative services in countries India, Canada, South Africa, Australia, USA, and UK. They all provide lots of different services at the cheapest and most affordable price.

No. Company Name Short Introduction Rating Visit
1 DomainRacer 20x Faster SSD with Litespeed Technology best 5 star rating domainracer 2018 View Plans
2 InMotion Hosting Fast and Secure web server best 4 star rating inmotion 2018 View Plans
3 BigRock Old trusted web hosting company bigrock star rating in india View Plans
4 A2 Hosting Reliable web hosting provider best 4 star rating a2hosting View Plans
5 HostGator Easy and Affordable web hosting star rating hostgator 2019 View Plans

You will understand which is beneficial for you. All good-looking things are not best for you. Sometimes, you want to choose the things that give you a benefit lifetime. It’s your turn now to decide which web hosting provider company is helpful for your reseller business.

By conclusion,

Very few hosting companies provide LiteSpeed Cache Technology free like DomainRacer otherwise it must be paid. So DomainRacer hosting provider is the best option for reseller hosting business.

I think you must be aware of our top reseller hosting services and their features. Compare all hosting plans and features and choose which provider is suitable for your reseller business.

All the best for choosing a top reseller hosting provider for business…!!!